O panorama musical independente português / The Portuguese independent scene

From the North to the South, present-day Portugal is a hotbed of independent music activity. Across all genres from traditional folk to avant-garde electronica, there are scores of new artists to discover.

Just within AMAEI’s founding labels’ own rosters, we can find artists of the most diverse genres, singing both in Portuguese as well as in English. It is now time for Portugal to update its musical image on an international level: we are no longer all about Fado!

With the support of university radio stations like RUA (Radio Universitária do Algarve) in the South, RUC (Rádio Universitária de Coimbra) in the centre, and RUM (Rádio Universitária do Minho) up North, to name just three, as well as the advent of the internet, this new music is getting out to more and more people enabling domestic touring for most of these new artists.

A range of media initiatives like the Offbeatz Club, in Lisbon’s legendary MusicBox venue in the Cais do Sodré neighbourhood (Lisbon’s red light district), also help in the enhanced focus on this new scene, getting the word out to more and more people.

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